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Samphire Hoe is a safe haven to many insects from Dragonflies and Damselflies down to Beetles.

A great habitat for many insects

Samphire Hoe as a nature reserve provides a great habitat to many species of insects, flying or crawling, with many different habitats such as ponds, rocks, cliffs, meadows, grassland, to suit all types of bugs and creatures. Plants on the nature reserve and let to grow wild and free so that the surrounding wildlife can also use the cover to hibernate through the colder months. They are part of Samphire Hoe’s ecosystem as they also provide a food source for many birds in particular while plants rely on insects for pollination.

Samphire Hoe is home to lots of different insects and in particular to Rose Chaffer beetles and 13 species of dragonsflies and damselflies.

Samphire Hoe's rich insect population

species of dragonflies and damselflies


species of moths


species of butterflies

Beetles, dragonflies and damselflies

The sun-loving Rose Chafer beetle

This distinctive large beetle with metallic coppery-green wing cases can be found in grassland, scrubs and hibernates on the Hoe.

The Common Darter dragonfly

Quite abundant on the Hoe, males are bright red with yellow patches on the side and on the wing near the ponds from July to October.

The elegant Common Blue damselfly

Very distinctive with thick blue stripe on its thorax, Blue damselflies are an important role around ponds in the aquatic ecosystem.

The fairly frequent Black-tailed Skimmer

This medium-sized dark dragonfly with a tapering abdomen can be found basking near the ponds and gravel pits at the Hoe.

The small but robust Red-eyed damselfly

With distinctive bright blood-red eyes, the damselflies are found near the water often resting on floating vegetation they use as look-outs.


Discover over 200 species of plants and wildflowers which have colonised Samphire Hoe over the past 25 years.

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30 species of butterflies have been recorded at the Hoe according to seasons.

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Explore a few of the 380 species of moths which fly around the Hoe at night time.

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