A stunning coastal nature reserve
Samphire Hoe harbours an extraordinary wealth of flora and many species and subspecies of plants.

More than 200 plant species

Samphire Hoe is home to many species of wildlife such as over 200 species of plants, which include thousands of orchids of which many rare early spider orchids and bee orchids, colt’s foot, pink restharrows, yellow wort, rock sea lavender, sea asters, stinking, buddleia, wild carrots, sea buckthorns, sainfoin et many more as well as lots of different types of grass. Samphire Hoe has become a chalk meadow-land and grassland over the years with many plants as the result of the 31 original species which were sown on the site after the completion of the construction site.

Samphire Hoe is a new area of land created over 25 years ago with many different species still colonising and being discovered every year as the habitats develop and change.

c.7,000 orchids of different types at Samphire Hoe

rare early spider orchids


common spotted orchids


pyramidal orchids

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Samphire Hoe is named after the rock samphire wild plant

Rock samphire green leaves were once collected from the cliffs, pickled in barrels of brine and served as a side dish.

200 plant species richness at Samphire Hoe

The result of natural colonisation of the 31 original species sown on the site after the completion of the construction site.

More than 1,300 early spider orchids counted in 2019

These attractive looking plants are one of the first orchids of the year to flower from April at the Hoe.

Wildflowers are part of Samphire Hoe’s ecology

It is now a chalk meadow-land with plants such as rock sea lavender, sea asters, buckthorn, buddleia, colt’s foot, sainfoin, restharrows.

Around 7,000 orchids of all kinds at Samphire Hoe

of which 5,100 common spotted orchids, 1,300 early spider orchids, 500 pyramidal orchids, 20 bee orchids and 1 fragrant orchid.


Discover the 220 species of birds including resident, migrant birds and summer or winter visitors.

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30 species of butterflies have been recorded at the Hoe according to seasons.

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Explore a few of the 380 species of moths which fly around the Hoe at night time.

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