A haven for birds
Samphire Hoe counts over 220 species of birds all year round according to seasons.

A fantastic place for bird watching

Samphire Hoe is home to many species of wildlife of which over 220 species of birds of all kinds: resident, migrant birds, summer and winter visitors.
Bird watching is popular at Samphire Hoe. The location of the Hoe on the coast, just across the Channel from mainland Europe, means it can be an important area for migrant birds.
The recording area for birds encompasses the whole of the Hoe, plus the cliffs behind it, the sea offshore and the beaches at both the East and West ends.

A few birds in picture

220, the latest record of species of birds

Of which almost 30 species held territory in the Samphire Hoe area (site, cliffs behind it, sea offshore, East and West end beaches)

20 species of winter visitor birds at the Hoe

Including more than 300 Red throated diver birds which feed mainly on fish caught by diving near Samphire Hoe.

Adult and juvenile Peregrines, resident at Samphire Hoe

Peregrines are the largest falcons in the UK and the fastest birds, reaching speeds of 200 miles per hour when diving from a great height.

Over 10 species of summer visitor birds at the Hoe

Including the Lesser whitethroat, a secretive bird most easily located by its rattling, with 40 sightings between April and September.

Redwing, the UK smallest Thrush birds

A winter visitor which feeds mainly on berries with 50 sightings between October and April at Samphire Hoe


Discover some of the 200 species of plants which have colonised Samphire Hoe since 25 years.

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30 species of butterflies have been recorded at the Hoe according to seasons.

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Explore a few of the 380 species of moths which fly around the Hoe at night time.

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